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eZ Community Tour, Oslo, sept. 16th

First take on the eZ Community tour, starting by eZ Publish's homeland : Norway. Back to the roots on september 16th, in Oslo ! Read on peeps !

In short

Where : 
eZ Systems offices
Trondheimsveien 135
0570 Oslo - Norway

When : 13:00 - 17:00 ++
What : talks, discussions & free 4.3 certification

Time to take the road and meet !

There is nothing like meeting for real. The daily “virtual” exchanges on share.ez.no and other platforms of the eZ Ecosystem are a great way to nurture strong bonds, but real-life gatherings are much richer. We could notice this at the various conferences in the past, including this year in Berlin, where intense discussions usually happen, and motivation grows. How about starting a regular pace of Community meetings/days, around the globe ? As far as i know, it still is pretty impossible to have a beer together online...

This is demo content, please read on  share.ez.no for real content


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